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    16 hole peg board

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    • Ye Hand Coordination Activity-based product for Kids.
    • Place the pegs in shape designs (circle, square, triangle, cross, diagonal lines, house) and have your child try to copy them with their pegs.
    • Give the child one peg at a time so they reach out and place their fingers on the stick end of the peg. See if they can rotate the peg in their fingertips without using their other hand, then place it on the pegboard.
    • Makes kids ready for Pencil holding skills. Complete Fun & Learn product for Kids.
    • Made in India.
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    3 Rattle Set TIC TIC + Baloon Rattle+4 Bell

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    3 set Tortoise

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    • Handmade Toy of high-quality Ivory wood and non-toxic color. Used non-toxic lac to mix natural color and apply on wood. 100 % Natural colors are used like Haldi, Indigo, and Kumkum. Hence it is safe, environment friendly and durable. No Harm full for kids.
    • This toy looks like Turtle and is made with fine quality of wood. There are no sharp edges in this toy and it’s completely safe to play with even without parent’s surveillance.
    • Kids will love to watch and play with this moving toy especially when the toy will follow them. Ball-shaped shell rotates every time when the attached string is pulled to make the tortoise walk smoothly.
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    4 Rattle Set, Tictic + Special + Single Bell + Damaruga

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  • 6 wheel rattle


    This hand crafted wooden rattle offers excellent Sound and Visual stimulation to infants. It helps the baby develop Gross Motor co-ordination skills such as hand grasping, arm stretching etc. This toy is made using traditional lacquer toy making techniques and is colored using natural dyes.

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    Abacus (small)

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    • Promotes counting and maths skills at an early age
    • Child-friendly paints and durable woods are used
    • Perfect for pre-schoolers, Montessori kids
    • Unique design makes kids to learn numbers with more fun
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    ABCD 3D Board set of 2( Capital+ Small )

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