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Memory Chess

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WOODEN MEMORY CHESS – Kids chess match game can Develop the responsiveness of the baby’s movement accuracy; promote the development of various perceptual sensations, gain the perception of the shape, color and size of the object in the process of operation, and realize the relationship between the size or shape of one object and another object. And also recognize the relationship between the size and shape of the object.

GREAT EDUCATIONAL TOYS FOR KIDS – To improve baby’s three-dimensional imagination, color cognitive ability and stimulate the baby’s curiosity. Great educational toys for kids. It can helpfullly improve kids’ thinking ability through the game. Educational toys can also provide creative experience for the baby, promote the concept of mastery, and develop pre-reading skills.

PARENT-CHILD GAME – The Wooden Memory Match Stick Game is the perfect interactive toy for both children and adults to enjoy together, competing to see who can get a better score. Improve children’s concentration and memory as they try and get the best score.They will love this gift and play with parents or friends for hours.

HOW TO PLAY – After rolling the dice, find out the soldiers of the same color that have been hidden according to the color of the dice displayed. The winner is the party with more soldiers at the last minute.

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